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Best TV for Gaming

Good day ladies and gentlemen, today we’re going to be talking about the best gaming tv for playing your xbox one or ps4 games.

There are a lot of HDTVs out there and we cannot review them all but the ones featured in today’s review will definitely be worth your money. When looking at the best gaming TV to buy, there are some stats you should pay closer attention to.

When shopping for a gaming TV you should really consider the input lag (the time it takes for information to travel from your console to your TV) as this can be what decides whether you break your console because that one player keeps getting the better of you in 1v1 situations or keep it because you’re racking up those sweet sweet kill streaks. Basically the lower the input lag the better the HDTV.

Another thing to keep in mind is the resolution. Resolution these days doesn’t really matter because a 1080p TV will play your games smoothly with excellent clarity. The only issue is if you’re looking to buy another console in the future, say the ps4 pro or the Xbox one S you may want to buy a 4K TV because it’ll make you enjoy the games you’re playing in 4K resolution. And to be totally honest with you, playing video games in 4K resolution is quite stunning to say the least.

This brings us up to the refresh rate. Refresh rate is the amount of time per second your TV can update its image. A 60 Hz TV can update an image 60 times per second and a 240 Hz can update 240 times per second. But to be honest, the refresh rate is somewhat irrelevant but that doesn’t mean a higher refresh rate will hurt the quality of your gaming experience. Console games typically run at 30 Hz and some run at 60, so you don’t really need a TV with a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz but as I said earlier, it wont hurt your gameplay.

And finally, the question most dread or even shy away from altogether. Does size really matter? Well in getting a gaming a gaming TV I’d say it depends on the distance away from the screen you like to play your games. If you like to play your game up close and personal, I’ll recommend getting a smaller TV (40 – 55 inches) but if you’re one of the select few that like to play games a bit far from the screen, I’ll say you should choose between a 65 and 75 inch.

We all know how it feels like to lose a game, well most of us do, some people are beasts. The one thing that frustrates gamers the most is to lose a game you didn’t deserve to lose. And believe me, some gamers would smash their TV if they think it’s the reason. But in order to reduce the risk of you breaking your TV or smashing your controller, we present to you the best Gaming TVs.

Sony XBR55X700D 55-Inch HDR 4K Ultra HD TV

With the standard 60 Hz refresh rate and a 4K resolution, this TV doesn’t only run your game at the standard frame rate but make your games visually appealing while doing so. It’s also a relatively big screen TV with about 8 million pixels, you’re guaranteed to enjoy gaming on this TV.

TCL 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

Looking for a discount option for a gaming HDTV? TCL Roku smart Tv is the answer. Don’t be fooled into thinking because it’s a discount option makes it any less better. It also features a 60 Hz refresh rate with a 1080p resolution. The only downside to this stunning looking TV is that if you’re a ps4 pro owner or an xbox one S owner, you may want to get a 4K TV.

LG Electronics 43LH5700 43-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

This is a 43 inch smart TV this is included in the list because of my fellow close range gamers. So if you like staying up close to your TV, this one is a very good choice for you. It’s 1080p display will make every game you play a sensation to be remembered. It also has a 60 hz fps like all the TVs in this review.

Samsung 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 

No matter the category of TVs, there’s no way a Samsung TV wouldn’t find it’s way into the list. From one of the most trusted brands in the Electronic industry, the Samsung 4K UHD TV really hits the mark when you look at it’s specs; 120 Hz and a 4K resolution, this TV is not only intended as a gaming TV but also an entertainment platform. This TV also comes in different sizes from 40 to 70 inches for you to choose from.